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We welcome Sebastien Hug to Business Beyond 2030 today. Sebastien is the CEO of Swissnex India and the Consul General of the Swiss Consulate in Bangalore. In this episode, Sartaj and Sebastien discuss Swiss innovation, international competitiveness, culture building, universal basic income, cryptocurrencies, data privacy and disruptions from the 4th Industrial Revolution.
In today’s episode, we welcome Sebastien Hug to Business Beyond 2030. Sebastien is the CEO of Swissnex India and the Consul General of the Swiss Consulate in Bangalore since November 2017. He is married and a proud father of two daughters. In his professional avatar, Sebastien is constantly connecting the dots between Switzerland and India especially in education, research, and innovation. He cares deeply about improving the state of the world and brings radical candor to each and every conversation.

Insights from this episode: 
  1.  What’s the Swiss secret to leading innovation and competitiveness? What can India learn from Switzerland?
  2. What’s been Sebastien’s approach to immersing Swissnex and himself into the complex Indian ecosystem? 
  3. As a foreign leader how to understand the cultural nuances at play and realize win-win partnerships? 
  4. What is the potential for cryptocurrencies particularly in an emerging market like India? Can the Zug model be prototyped in India?
  5. What are the biggest opportunities for cross-border collaboration between Switzerland and India?
  6. What sectors are most ripe for disruption with 4th Industrial Revolution technologies?
  7. How will Universal Basic Income play out by 2030? 
  8. How does Sebastien approach culture building at Swissnex?
  9. How to make sense of the data dichotomy between privacy and public utility?

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