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In today's episode, we have Ravi Machani, Managing Director of the Machani Group, an 80-year-old family business run by the third-generation of entrepreneurs. In this episode, Sartaj and Ravi unpack the secrets of an entrepreneurial mindset, personal and professional dynamics between family members, succession planning, workforce management, diversification strategies and everything else you wanted to know about enduring family businesses.
This time around we have Ravi Machani on the show. He is the Managing Director of the Machani Group, an 80-year-old family business run by the third-generation of entrepreneurs. Ravi is a socially responsible business leader, an avid music enthusiast, and a forward-thinking visionary, who ardently follows his passion for engineering, technology, and design. His stints working outside the family business have helped him gather expertise in many areas including corporate finance, global M&A, turn around management, operations, and strategy. Ravi believes business has the power to do tremendous good and serves on the board of the Entrepreneurs' Organization, a global network of more than 13,000 business owners in 46 countries.

Insights from this episode: 
  1. What's the secret behind cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset?
  2. How does one enhance the longevity of a family business?
  3. How to experiment with intrapreneurship at a legacy business?
  4. How can family businesses participate in the 4th Industrial Revolution?
  5. How do high-net-worth families go unicorn hunting?
  6. What's the one business opportunity an 18-year-old should work on today?
  7. How do family business groups approach succession planning and income splitting?
  8. Should family businesses be professionally managed with promoters solely being owners and not operators?
  9. Why do family businesses treat their workforce differently compared to corporations?
  10. How should family business groups approach diversification?

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